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The Client:

Our customer was a French fitness and health digital data platform for the B2B segment. The app gathers and stores data from various fitness devices. The platform goal was to encourage employees to exercise by converting physical activities into virtual rewards.

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Fitness and Health Data Platform Development

The Business and Technical Challenges:

The app was essentially a digital data platform for fitness data collection. There were challenges regarding real-time updates, data management, and data distribution.

Our Client aimed to build a new development team and fix several crucial problems in the existing Data platform. 

Also, the goal was to deliver new features that were important for the platform pivot.


The Solution:

We had to help to build a new development team to support the new app.

Our mission was to help our client build a strong engineering team of developers who supplement, expand and strengthen his in-house team with the following:

  • Scala and Data engineers

  • DevOps

  • Front-end and mobile developer  


Our experts had to aid with the following:

  • consulting regarding data architecture, infrastructure, and data systems best practices

  • writing code for data collection and aggregation, preparing the data for analysis

  • assisted with data quality to ensure it's consistent and according to the requirements

  • Fixing several crucial problems in the existing data platform, especially critically impacting app performance 

  • Delivering the new features that were important for the platform's evolution


The Tech Stack, Used in the Project:

  • Scala for data processing and backend code

  • Angular JS for dashboarding

  • React Native JS for mobile application

  • Kubernetes as core infrastructure part

  • AWS services for managing data and applications


The Result:

We helped rewrite the platform according to architectural and software engineering best practices, maintaining the best parts of the original and rewriting the worst parts. The new app will be designed to be more scalable and reliable, with a better focus on real-time updates and data management.

We helped the "wePulse" successfully release an improved application version, and got into the target market.

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      Our Clients Say:

Vasyl Vaskul
“DataEngi offers a deep, experienced talent pool and provides friendly customer service. Responsiveness and clear communication are hallmarks of their engagements. Their stability has been a great advantage. Because their founders are developers, they understand the work their team is doing. Their depth of talent is also noteworthy. One of the developers was unavailable due to personal reasons and they were replaced by someone with twice as much experience. We greatly appreciated their attitude”.
Vasyl Vaskul, CTO of the Health & Exercise Platform
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