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Data Engineering Services

Data Engineering Services

Build Your Data Team and Business Will Growth

Technologies are our DNA. We understand the current evolution of tech stacks and know how to apply them in clients' businesses. DataEngi helps companies gain a competitive advantage by building engineering teams.

Glass Buildings

Data Architecture

Prepare your business to next level by adopting modern Data Architecture.

Augment Your Data Team

Augment your team with professional Data Engineers, Data Architects, Data Quality Engineers. Our experts know Data industry trends and best practices.
For non-tech companies, it is pretty hard to monitor technology evolving, focusing on their own businesses.  

Your Data Challenge

Your business might experience demand for improvement of the data system. Contact us regarding your challenges, and we will discuss how we could solve your challenges with you.


Straightforward and direct, they’ve had a positive impact on us. Their depth of talent is also noteworthy. 

Yaroslav Kuntsevych_edited.jpg

Yaroslav Kuntsevych

BizDev Executive at

Smart Fusion Solutions 

We simply rely on them when we need an experts in Data and backend technologies
related to Big Data.

Customers says...

... we've been very pleased with all of the work.

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