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Why giants use Scala Technology in their businesses

The Scala programming language is popular among many companies due to its functionality and scalability. However, many critics question the use of Scala for real commercial purposes. Specific cases of using Scala in business will help you to decide which side you are standing on.

Scala Essence

Scala programming language combines the capabilities of both object-oriented and function-oriented languages. This versatility allows you to use the stability, ubiquity, capabilities, and reputation of any common programming language, thanks to working on a Java virtual machine. In addition, scala has access to Java libraries and using this language, it is easy to expand or "scale" due to extraneous libraries, as its name suggests. Functionality of Scala is recognized by many large corporations around the world.

Examples of using the language in real companies.


Examples of Scala Technologies in Linkedin

LinkedIn is the most famous social network for business communication, which has deeply integrated Scala in its work. For example, Norbert, a Scala-based framework, allows you to create fast and uncomplicated applications based on client-server messages, which is thus implemented in the Social Graph and the LinkedIn search engine. The head of the company’s engineering team, even in an interview, emphasizes that the development of software becomes much less unpleasant due to the simple integration of Java and Scala, which reduces the risks of implementation.


Examples of Scala Technologies in Twitter

Twitter relies heavily on Scala and even partially switched to this language along with Ruby, appreciating Scala's flexibility, high performance, and reliability. Many functions of the social network, for example, search by name, streaming API, storage systems and geo-services are written specifically on Scala. This language provides a more reliable and stable foundation for long-lived Twitter servers.


Examples of Scala Technologies in Airbnb

Airbnb is a huge platform that uses different programming languages, among them there is Scala. Scala was used to write financial reporting pipeline, a system that calculates the exact economic impact of products at distinct points in their cycle. The consistency and ase of use of the language are the qualities that stand out in Airbnb and help to onsider different products and make the right accounting conclusions.


Examples of Scala Technologies in Thatcham

Thatcham is engaged in research that helps vehicle manufacturers save on insurance benefits. The company's goal is to provide data on the effective repair of vehicles. Thatcham's website and research guidelines are fully Scala oriented. This programming language was chosen because it minimizes the amount of code, has concepts ready for coordination and makes it possible to rely on existing Java models.


Examples of Scala Technologies in Tumblr

The Tumblr social network has faced scaling issues. The solution for them was the introduction of microservices. That’s why Scala-based company developed the Colosseum platform, which aims to solve past problems and provides a clear model for building high-quality, stable and reliable microservices on a scale. Tumblr needed expressive codes and the simplest DSL they used Scala.


Examples of Scala Technologies in Netflix

Netflix uses Scala in building the architecture and design. Representatives of the company say that the Java libraries that exist in the Netflix toolkit are easily accessible with Scala, which is attractive to the company. Scala is ideal for creating a stable API with a variety of tools that enhance search algorithms, ML-based viewing guidelines, and nteractive experiments.

Summarizing, Scala programming is really useful for large-scale and scalable projects. The code written in this language is always simple, clear and concise.

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