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Outstaffing in Data Engineering: How We Work

When your business is drowning in data but lacks the specialized expertise to unlock its potential, and temporary data needs put pressure on your budget and resources, you need a data engineer. Hiring someone for a permanent job might be unnecessary, as DataEngi company comes to your aid. We provide on-demand access to skilled data professionals, perfectly matched to your specific needs and timeline. We will make the perfect data engineer available to tackle your challenges, optimize your workflow, and deliver impactful results. Here are the key steps to contact us:

1. First contact. You can contact us by email, via Chat or form on our website, via LinkedIn.

2. Discuss customer needs. For the second stage of negotiations, we usually use phone or video communication to better understand your specific needs and technical requirements. If you allow us we will record the call, to have the ability to return to our conversation, discuss your requirements with our data team, and not miss any important points. We detail your Finance, E-commerce, Health or other industry project, including the amount of work, timing, budget, how many specialists you will require, and so on. If necessary, we will conduct additional research to understand the tasks and technologies of your project.

3. Sign an NDA agreement. Before sharing any sensitive information, we sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to protect the confidentiality of your project. It is a document that obliges the parties not to disclose confidential information about the project, customers, or company. It will let both parties feel secure and calm that sensitive data will not be used or disclosed to third parties.

4. Choosing the right specialist. After signing the NDA, we offer you several options of specialists from the DataEngi pool who meet your requirements best and can solve your challenges. 

Our data engineers have personal development plans (technical and soft skill courses, certifications like AWS). When choosing a developer, we consider their experience, qualifications, and rating from other customers.

5. Technical checks of engineers from the client's side. When choosing the right specialist (or several specialists), we introduce you to the selected specialist.

6. Signing the contract. Once you have selected the right specialist, we conclude a service contract. This agreement contains all the terms and conditions of the tasks, obligations of the parties to pay, and non-disclosure of confidential information.

We also discuss with the client possible changes in the project and regularly inform him about the progress of the tasks.

During the collaboration, we monitor the performance of the work and maintain regular communication with our client to ensure that everything goes smoothly and that our client is satisfied with the result.

Our data engineers are ready to dive in and solve your unique data engineering challenges. Leverage our expert data team as an extension of your own, gaining agility and cost-efficiency without compromising quality.

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