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Business Info Seamlessly Transition Your Data:
On-Premises (Hadoop) to Cloud Migration

big data analysis

Big Data Analysis Services

We offer big data development services that can significantly boost your company's productivity and efficiency. Our team of expert big data developers leverages cutting-edge technologies to deliver robust solutions that can handle massive volumes of information, providing valuable insights for informed decision-making.


Whether you require assistance with data quality assessment or help with migrating your big data to the cloud, we are here to assist you. Our company is well-equipped to handle enterprise big data solutions of any complexity level, including building data lakes, setting up  big data ETL/ELT processes, developing big data applications, and providing other data-related services listed below.

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Hadoop provides a robust big data framework for processing massive amounts of data, thanks to its distributed file system and MapReduce parallel computing engine. Initially designed for batch processing, Hadoop has since adapted to support real-time computing, thanks to additional tools like Storm and Spark.

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Apache Spark

Just as Hadoop's MapReduce is well-suited for batch processing, Spark has emerged as a leading framework for stream processing. With its in-memory processing capabilities, Spark outperforms Hadoop's MapReduce model, achieving 100 times faster in-memory performance and 10 times faster disk performance. Spark's processing model is particularly well-suited for tasks such as real-time interactive querying, graph computation analysis, and machine learning.

data migration

Efficiency and Scalability in the Cloud

Leverage the cloud's elasticity and scale your data operations effortlessly. Our experts meticulously plan and execute your data migration, ensuring that your Hadoop-based data assets are seamlessly transferred to cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud. Say goodbye to hardware constraints and embrace the limitless potential of cloud-based data management.

Cloud Computing

Big Data Integration and Security

Your data's security and integrity are our top priorities. Our migration strategy is built upon industry-leading practices, ensuring that your data remains protected throughout the migration process. Encryption, access controls, and compliance measures are seamlessly integrated into the migration, giving you peace of mind as your data makes its journey to the cloud.

cloud migration path

Optimize Performance and Cost-Efficiency

Cloud migration isn't just about moving data—it's about optimizing performance and cost-efficiency. Our big data developers analyze your data workflows and design cloud-native solutions that enhance performance, reduce latency, and optimize costs. Witness enhanced analytics, faster insights, and streamlined operations as your data flourishes in the cloud.

data integration

Experience the Future:

On-Premises to Cloud Data Migration

Don't let your data be confined by on-premises limitations. Embrace the future with our on-premises (Hadoop) to cloud migration expertise. 

Contact us today to embark on a transformative journey that propels your data into the cloud era.

80% of our engineers are specialists in data technologies

70% experts are certified 

100% new projects use Cloud

Is your valuable data trapped in on-premises Hadoop clusters?

It's time to embrace the limitless possibilities of the cloud.

At DataEngi, we specialize in orchestrating the smooth migration of your data from on-premises Hadoop environments to the cloud, unleashing newfound agility and scalability.

Unlock the Power of Cloud for Your Data:

Seamless Migration from On-Premises Hadoop

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