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Custom Software 
Development Services

We create backend systems for enterprises that align with their business goals and can be optimized for specific performance, scalability, and security requirements.

6 years in the market

17 completed projects

70% experts
are certified

of our engineers have PhD

Scala code

Backend Scala Development

We use Scala to build high-performance, scalable, and fault-tolerant systems that can handle large amounts of data and traffic. It is frequently used in the development of web applications, distributed systems, microservices architectures, in Fintech, online gaming, and e-commerce.



Python engineers at DataEngi  can help you build AI-based IT solutions that can automate complex tasks, such as:

  • Grouping and classifying data

  • Predicting future outcomes

  • Analyzing text and images

  • Planning and optimizing processes

Our Python engineers have experience in a variety of industries, and they can help you to develop AI solutions that meet your specific needs.

api development

API development

Our team of experts has extensive experience in developing APIs for a variety of industries, including healthcare and finance.

We offer a full range of API development services, from planning and design to development and deployment. We also offer support and maintenance services to ensure that your APIs are always up and running. 

Our API development services are backed by our commitment to quality and security. We use industry-leading standards and practices to ensure that your APIs are secure and reliable.

api developer

We utilize industry-leading standards like Swagger and OpenAPI to ensure your APIs are well-documented, easy to understand, and seamlessly integrate into your ecosystem. With Amazon API Gateway, we take your API development to the next level, providing a scalable, secure, and fully managed gateway that connects your APIs to the cloud. This combination of modern standards and advanced technology empowers us to deliver APIs that are not only functional but also highly accessible and robust.

dedicated team

Enterprise Backend Services

As one of best offshore software development companies, wesupport a range of enterprise applications, including web, data analytics platforms, and internal systems.


Cloud infrastructure

We redefine possibilities by delivering cost-effective solutions through the cloud.

Discover the backbone of our projects – Cloud infrastructure powered by industry giants:

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and 

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)


100% new projects use Cloud

8+ years of average Engineer experience

data analyst




We investigated the business and technical challenges to understand whether the Airbyte platform would work for our aims. Next, we designed the architecture and service to configure a merchant's ELT. After that, we used Python to develop custom Airbyte connectors for ...


We helped rewrite the platform according to architectural and software engineering best practices, maintaining the best parts of the original and rewriting the worst parts. The new app will be designed to be more scalable...

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