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Cloud Engineering Services 

At DataEngi Company, we understand that the cloud is the backbone of modern data engineering. We are knowledgeable about Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud, which are two popular cloud platforms. They provide a variety of solutions to meet your needs.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Redshift

Supercharge your data analytics with Amazon Redshift, a high-performance data warehousing solution for lightning-fast insights.

Amazon Athena

Effortlessly query your data on Amazon S3 with Athena, enabling quick and cost-effective data exploration.

AWS Glue

Automate your ETL processes with AWS Glue, streamlining data integration and transformation.

17 completed projects 

100% new projects use Cloud

AWS Lambda

Harness serverless computing for flexible, scalable, and cost-effective application development.

Amazon RDS
(Relational Database Service)

Manage your relational databases with ease, ensuring high availability and reliability.

Amazon EMR

(Elastic MapReduce)

Process vast datasets at scale with the power of EMR and Apache Hadoop and Spark.escribe one of your services.


70% experts are certified 

50% of our engineers have PhD 

​ AWS API Gateway

Create secure, scalable, and performant APIs to connect your applications and services.

AWS CloudFormation

Automate and manage your infrastructure as code, ensuring consistency and scalability.

Kubernetes on AWS

Deploy and manage containerized applications with Kubernetes on AWS for unparalleled scalability and flexibility.

6 years in the market

Average project duration  1+ years


Google Cloud Platform (GCP)


Unlock the potential of your data with BigQuery, GCP's serverless and highly scalable data warehouse.

Kubernetes on GCP

Leverage Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) for container orchestration, enabling seamless deployment and scaling.

At DataEngi Company, we don't just work with cloud technologies; we harness their full potential to drive innovation and transformation for your business. Whether you're looking to optimize your data analytics, scale your applications, or streamline your infrastructure, our cloud experts are here to guide you every step of the way.

With AWS and GCP, the possibilities are limitless, and at DataEngi Company, we're ready to help you explore them. Contact us today to hire your cloud developers.


Unlock Efficiency, Scalability, and Innovation
with AWS and Google Cloud

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