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Fivetran. The Smartest way for Data Loading

Data pipelining is an essential part of any modern data stack. But this process itself does not provide any value. The value is reducing the time and effort to work with pipelines, thanks to which developers can redistribute resources for other essential data tasks. In this post, we consider one of Fivetran's widely used services, which simplifies the life of data engineers, saves time and other resources, and provides a stable and scalable pipeline processing solution.

So, Fivetran platform is a robust cloud-based ETL tool that works best for data engineers and data analysts. It helps collect data from various websites, servers, and business applications. The data is then passed to other analytics, marketing, and storage tools.

Fivetran offers a large selection of connectors that extract data from different sources and load it into storage. The process is automatic, fully managed, and maintenance-free. It allows non-engineering people to independently configure and manage connectors for data integration.

Fivetran capabilities:

• reliable automated pipelines with standardized layouts allow the user to focus on analytics rather than ETL

• flexible analytics allows you to add new data sources quickly

• support for advanced data warehousing (BigQuery, Snowflake, Azure, and Redshift)

• instantly scalable cloud resources.

Benefits of Fivetran

Quick setup. It is enough to authenticate the data store and sources, and Fivetran will take care of everything else. Schemes adapt quickly to changing sources.

Easy infrastructure management. Fivetran is intuitive and does not require special user training.

Data security. Data is stored in the cloud and always encrypted, regardless of whether it is transmitted or stored. It keeps the data safe even during server crashes, loss of data files, media, etc.

Why do users choose Fivetran?

Fivetran has a simple mission: giving companies of all sizes the ability to manage their data fully. It means instant access to raw, query-ready data from any source without building or maintaining infrastructure. Users can start working with the data immediately by automating the entire data pipeline, from extraction and download to transformation to a data warehouse.

Convenience. Data is stored in one place, in the cloud. Access to a specific database is granted to certain individuals. Any changes in this database will be saved and viewable.

Centralization. Fivetran centralizes all data in a single data store. It can be protected centrally and shared with different departments or customers if necessary.

Cloud. Fivetran does not support local data stores and is cloud-only.

Standardization. Fivetran organizes the data according to standard graphs before loading it into the data store. It makes it possible to reuse analytical solutions.

Fivetran has excellent real-time extraction and loading (EL) capabilities. With Fivetran, users create a pipeline that loads data from any source to its destination within minutes. In addition, Fivetran allows users to add or update records when moving from source to destination. It is an excellent data transformation solution for customers needing to replicate their cloud storage.

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