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Certifications in Data Engineering

The ability to create systems for data processing is very much in demand now. Acquiring new skills helps data engineers to increase their productivity and allows businesses to achieve more. Certification is an excellent way to show the skills and efforts of a data engineer to the customer.

What is the Professional Data Engineer exam?

The data engineers certification is intended for training and certifying their competence, in particular, IT fields. It is possible to become a certified specialist through:

  • education;

  • particular hand-on experience.

Such exams are often tailored to the customer IT-specifics.

Many certifications are available through independent organizations such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, Cloudera, Databricks, Lightbend and more.

There are a lot of developers who underestimate the value of certificates or think they will have enough of a higher education diploma and a good resume. It's not like that.

Why does a Professional Data Engineer need Certification?

Hiring certified data engineers, customers and HR specialists look first at his experience, particular knowledge, and skills. If a data engineer has one or more certificates, it gives him additional bonuses and advantages over other applicants. The certificate can be a good substitute for work experience. It proves the developer not just knows; he is a certified and tested specialist.

Certification is proof of data engineer knowledge and a way to improve his skills. Developers need it for career advancement to middle and senior data engineers. A specialist with an international certificate is more likely to get a new project or participate in future research.

Which IT Certifications Matter the Most?

Choosing the proper certificates, software developers should focus on their customers' and employers' IT needs. It is worth being certified in the area you concentrate on, in the particular vendor.

Here is the data engineer certifications list that provides data engineers knowledge, skills, and customers trust:

Microsoft Certified Azure Data Engineer Associate

The Microsoft Certification is one of the most popular programs. It helps software developers to deepen technical knowledge. Azure data engineer certificate confirms their professional experience and skills of work with Microsoft technologies and products.

Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer

This certification is suitable for businesses that actually use or plan to use Google technology. Google certified data engineer is a more desirable candidate for hiring and enhancing career opportunities as it shows his experience with Google Cloud technologies. It is the highest-paid available cloud certification now.

IBM Data Engineer Professional Certificate

This certification focuses only on data engineering. So, it is not just a certification program. IBM data engineer certification is a set of training that contains a wide range of tests for servers, software, applications, and solutions. The program is intended for data engineers who have professional knowledge of the latest IBM technologies and are ready to confirm their skills.

SAS Certified Big Data Professional Using SAS 9

Data engineers certified with SAS show the ability to use open source and SAS engineering data management tools to prepare big data for statistical analysis. They are skilled in such tasks as:

  • recognizing and overcoming big data challenges;

  • accessing, transforming, and manipulating data;

  • applying fundamental statistical techniques;

  • exploring and visualizing data.

SAS Big Data certification page

Cloudera Certified Professional Data Engineer (CCP Data Engineer certification)

Cloudera is one of the best Big Data Certificate providers. The program is a rigorous and demanding performance-based certification that requires deep data engineering mastery. CCP Data Engineers should have in-depth experience in data engineering. They work in a realistic environment and use all necessary tools to solve customer tasks.

Cloudera Data Engineering certification page

AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty

The certificate validates a developer expertise in using AWS data lakes and analytics services to get insights from data. It confirms the knowledge and experience of a software developer in using AWS data lakes and analytics services to extract information from the data. This certificate is intended for those who have knowledge of the design, creation, protection and support of analytical solutions.

AWS Data Analytics certification page

Certified data engineers take a proactive approach to their careers and are desirable experts for any team. Certification proves that customers will get the right skills.

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