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Why the dedicated team is an effective way to implement your project

Every process in business needs qualified employees. All companies must have good specialists, but they cannot maintain a huge staff. A dedicated team can help solve the problem of risks minimization and reduce financial and resource costs for non-core activities of a company.

So what is a dedicated team?

It is a long-term format of the relationship between a customer and a provider of software engineering. This business model allows forming a team taking into account the professionalism of each member and the project budget. A dedicated team is at the complete control of its customer. The data engineering client can independently manage this team while the administrative part of the work falls on the executing company. Although the team works remotely, it does everything the customer’s office personnel should do, including corporate culture and policies.

Data Engineering Dedicated team with DataEngi
Data Engineering Dedicated team with DataEngi

Why hire a dedicated team?

Hiring a dedicated team allows a customer to expand or reduce the scales of its remote data engineering team at any time and without any financial risks.

This relationship model is suitable for companies that need data engineering and software development. They want to expand their staff of developers for a particular project, but do not have local specialists for it.

Dedicated team format advantages are as follows:

  • a customer gets the engineering team more quickly than its HR department can assemble it

  • it is more profitable than hiring staff

  • there is no necessity to equip workplaces

Benefits of the DataEngi dedicated team

Today IT and software development are the fastest-growing outstaffing sector. Ukraine has become the leading provider of the IT-talents in the World. Our developers stand out among other specialists because of the qualified Ukrainian IT school and high qualifications.

  • DataEngi specialists have more than ten years of experience in Data and Software engineering.

  • Our developers speak English.

  • We share cultural compatibility with the west. It means more accessible professional communication, similar work expectations, and understanding clients’ needs.

  • DataEngi team can also consult on a complicated Data solution design.

  • Many of our engineers have a Ph.D. degree.

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