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Freelance or Development Agency: What is More Efficient for IT

Suppose you have some idea of improving your business process that requires software engineers, but there are no experts of a particular level inside your enterprise. In that case, you have to choose who will provide you with such a service: a freelancer or a specialized agency.

See below detailed analysis of these two cooperation options, their main differences.

Software Engineering: Freelance

Main reasons to hire a freelancer are:

  • lower cost

  • ability to sing contract with a freelancer directly

In such a way business owners try to save money and control the whole process.

But in fact, hiring of top-level freelancers will be comparable to agency offers, and the risks of contact loss with the freelancer are too great.

Besides, it is not easy to find a qualified specialist. Freelancers with high ratings are often engaged in long-term projects. They might work on several projects at the same time. Due to the impossibility of focusing exclusively on your project, the quality of their work and deadlines may suffer.

In addition, even a high-class expert is not immune from diseases and other reasons why he will not be able to complete the project in time, and no one can replace him:

  • A freelancer can prefer instead of your project another one that has higher priority and is more profitable and notify you about broken deadlines at the very last moment.

  • A freelancer may not plan his time properly by working remotely.

  • A freelancer has to be distracted by other activities like searching for projects, negotiating with customers, promoting himself, etc.

Software Engineering: Development Agency

Software Development companies care about their reputation and always have developers in various fields. The agency name is often an additional guarantee of the quality and result.

Compared to freelancers a specialized agency has much more advantages:

Contract signing. The B2B contract provides legal guarantees to perform the required work scope.

Responsibility. The agency values ​ its reputation and is interested in constantly contacting the customer. If hiring a developer, the agency selects him thoroughly up to particular training technology. It guarantees a high level of specialists, and a customer does not spend time on their testing. Software development agencies always educate their specialists. Every developer has a personal education plan. It might be new technologies, English, soft skills like:

  • presentation skills

  • teamwork

  • effective communication

  • time management and so on.

Software developers take relevant courses, take part in technical meet-ups and knowledge sharing initiatives, take certification exams.

Developers' replacement. In case of the contingency of one, another company’s specialist will work with the customer. The agency has much more opportunities to do work without breaking deadlines:

Deep specialization. Development companies follow trends and have clients with different projects. So they can propose the best technical solutions to all of their customers.

DataEngi’s developers work on different clients' projects and they know in practice the peculiarities of various technologies and their best practices. Therefore, DataEngi can offer to apply this expertise to your projects.

Most companies with large-scale and long-term projects refer to development agencies as they offer better and more productive project implementation. They get world-class expertise in the desired field with the development company.

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