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Staff Augmentation Service: When Using this type of Cooperation?

Creating a software engineering team takes a lot of time. But what to do if your IT projects require developers quickly?

Staff Augmenting service will help you to implement many plans and ideas.

Staff Augmentation Meaning

Such a variant of personnel augmenting means you employ specialists temporarily or for a long period of time. The engineers become a part of your internal team and cooperate with you for a short or long-time period.

Suppose your enterprise has no particular specialists, or they do not have enough experience in new technology stacks like Data Engineering. In that case, you can integrate augmented engineers that are more competent or worked on similar projects previously.

Advantages of Working with the Staff Augmentation Company

The service of staff outsourcing is widespread due to many benefits of it:

  • closes a lack of particular skills when your enterprise activity does not need such experts constantly, for 3-6 months or more

  • decreases developers' selection time

  • reduces the cost of employee recruiting

  • minimizes operating costs

  • makes the recruiting process flexible

  • frees time up for business activity instead of staff routine

Staff augmenting is not just an increase in the number of workers. It is not always a personnel optimization solution but often a necessity. Third-party experts scale the team attracted for a short (from 3 months) or long-term contract.

How does DataEngi Work:

  • We identify the precise quantity of experts, required skills and qualifications, the experience of your potential contractor.

  • We search, select, review candidates, test them to know if their qualifications meet your project aims.

  • We help the new members integrate successfully into your team when the contract is signed.

  • We support your new team members to seamlessly start on the project and train during work if necessary.

  • We provide workplace and office equipment.

Our company specializes in data technologies. We know best practices and trends in this field. As experts we can select the best data engineers. We do interviews and test candidates to verify their skill level in data engineering.

That is why recruiting companies cannot fulfill the quality selection of specialists. They have no internal experts in required technology.

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