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Outstaffing: How to Find and Hire a Data Engineering Agency

The IT market is experiencing a real personnel shortage of qualified IT specialists.

The demand for IT specialists is constantly growing, and searching for personnel can become an actual quest. It is difficult to find a suitable Data Engineer, especially if you need to close only a few small projects and a specialist is needed temporarily. And if you urgently need a large team of specialists in rare professions? All this can solve outstaffing.

What is Outstaffing?

Outstaffing is an addition to your team by full-time employees. It is when you create in-house products, but you need more people on a specific project to solve a problem.

Outstaffing is beneficial to use if the company:

• scales;

• looks for ways to reduce staff costs;

• tries to focus on the main business and transfer side projects to outstaffing;

• looks for a rare specialist for a short time or one project.

How Outstaffing Helps Solve IT Shortage

It is unprofitable for many businesses to have a huge IT department on staff or to search for Data Engineers for several months. Specialists do not agree to get a job on a team if the task is small and takes only a couple of weeks. It is extra paperwork for human resources and accounting departments.

When using developers' outstaffing:

• the specialist receives interesting projects and tasks, copes with them, and moves   

  to another company;

• the company receives the product or solution to the task they need;

• personnel and accounting departments are not overloaded with the constant 

  search, installation, and dismissal of the right specialists.

For whom IT Outstaffing is Suitable 

If a company knows what it needs and can manage a team of specialists, outstaffing can solve many tasks. It is an excellent option for businesses that need to strengthen or expand the available team and get additional hands on their needs.

Outstaffing will work and give good results if the company wants the following:

• create, run, and test a new service, see how users react to it, and growth it in time with a large team;

• develop and launch a large digital product. For example, if it is planned to launch a narrowly focused side technology, but the company's specialists do not have such experience;

• get a lot of specialists for a short time. If you plan to launch your Data Analytic project, you need a lot more IT specialists than you have. The best way is to hire them through outstaffing and, after the launch, fire them, shifting product service to your in-house  team;

• start up when they do not have time on their own. The deadlines for the project are tight, you need to launch the product as soon as possible, but there are not enough hands or narrow specialists;

• speed up workflows for ROI. If the company needs to start earning money on the product as soon as possible but it is far from launching on its own. Additional specialists will help complete all stages in a matter of weeks. 

Data Engineering Agency Choosing

Reviews. The best marketing is a satisfied customer. Even in ІT market segment, personal recommendations, and feedback remain excellent ways to attract new customers. Nothing prevents you from contacting the company's customers directly (especially if the cases are publicly posted on the website). Feedback directly from the client is a high-quality source of information.

Relevant cases. All data engineering projects are very individual. Find a contractor company that has already selected teams to implement:

• similar data engineering projects.

• projects in your industry.

The availability of relevant cases is a good indicator for starting negotiations. You can contact managers and ask if available employees have the experience and skills you need.

You can search for developers in internet search engines, business forums, or a professional platform such as Clutch. Please pay attention to their location, experience, and areas of expertise.

How to Hire an Outstaffing Provider in Data Engineering

If outstaffing is right for you, follow these steps to hire reliable professionals.

1. Define project scope. State the requirements for the project. You should consider:

• How many developers do you need?

• What skills/experience do you need?

2. Exploring the portfolio and customer feedback. Find out what previous customers say about the services of your chosen companies. Compare them and choose those that give good services consistently. Clutch allows customers to leave comprehensive feedback on outstaffing providers.

3. Interview. It is advisable to have a face-to-face interview with the outstaffing data engineering team with the technical manager. It is important to clarify: the number of permanent employees, available specialties, how many people and what qualifications they can quickly attract, and how the outstaffing mechanism works.

4. Budget, data privacy, and other terms and conditions. It is essential to discuss information protection and assess how detailed the company relates to work safety and if it is ready to conclude NDAs and accept responsibility for violating them.

You should assess what responsibility, obligations, and guarantees the contractor assumes. The more the customer is legally protected, the better it is for the customer.

5. Coordination of Communication Mode. Maintaining an open communication channel with outstaffing companies and their developers is crucial. Find out which method works best for both sides and agree on them.

6. Hiring a provider. Sign an outstaffing agreement and officially include outstaffing data engineers on your team. Provide clear recommendations, task volumes, and expectations to ensure they can be productive as soon as possible.

If you still doubt whether you need outstaffing, whether it is suitable for your business or a specific project, which specialists can be effectively withdrawn from the staff, you may receive free individual advice from DataEngi specialists, leaving the application in the form of feedback on our website.

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